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Contour Downpipe


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Contour Downpipe features an attractive fluted profile that suits modern, architectural styles. Fluting adds to the strength of the downpipe and allows consistently straight pipes to be rolled to any length required. This style of downpipe can be ordered to suit your exact requirements. Whether you want to install it yourself or require assistance, we are here to help. Contact us for pricing and further details today.
This product is not available in QLD

Contoured Drainage

Downpipe styling designed to adapt to any architecture

Featuring an attractive and strong fluted profile, Contour Downpipes are consistently straight and can be rolled in long lengths. The rectangular profile sits flush against the wall for a clean, modern look. Complete your project with an extensive range of Stratco Contour Downpipe accessories.

Available Colours:

Contour Downpipe Accessories

Downpipe straps can be supplied to easily attach the downpipe to the wall of the building. Shoes (135°) and elbows (90°) are available to help water flow to a specific area. Downpipe outlets are an added accessory to help channel water from the gutter to the downpipe.

Note: Component availability is state specific, please check prior to ordering.

Downpipes Downpipe Spouts Spouting Contour Accessory 01

Adjustable Two Piece Offset

Downpipes Downpipe Spouts Spouting Contour Accessory 02

Cast Downpipe Elbow

Downpipes Downpipe Spouts Spouting Contour Accessory 03

Cast Downpipe Outlet

Downpipes Downpipe Spouts Spouting Contour Accessory 04

Downpipe Strap

As a general guide, in non cyclonic areas, for every 1m2 of roof area drained, 70mm2 of downpipe is required. This calculation is based on the assumption that the maximum rainfall does not exceed 125mm per hour.

It is considered the best practice to drain to different points, using smaller downpipes rather than to one large outlet. Where possible, downpipes should be spaced at not more than 12000mm centres.

For a more accurate guide, consult the Installation Code for Metal Roofing and Wall Cladding SAA HB39-1997.

Material Specifications

BMT - 0.40mm
Tensile - G300 MPa

Downpipes Downpipe Spouts Spouting Contour Profile

Downpipe Sizes
Size A x B (mm) Roof Area Drained (m²)
95 x 45* 70
100 x 50 70
100 x 75 105

*Available in WA

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