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Downpipes and Spouts

Complete your guttering with quality downpipes from Stratco.

Spouting Style and Sizing

Stratco offer a wide range of downpipes and spouts for any domestic roofing or commercial application. Choose from round, square or rectangular spouting.

With a large range of sizes, there is a Stratco downpipe for any requirement, from minor drainage to factory projects.

Round Downpipe

The classic Stratco Round Downpipe is available in a diameter to suit any application from industrial to residential buildings. Spouting lengths of 1800mm and 2400mm are available in galvanised, zinc/al or a huge range of roofing colours, check with your State for availability.

Square and Rectangular Downpipes

Square and rectangular downpipes offer a clean, modern finish due to their ability to sit flush against a wall. Stratco Square and Rectangular spouts are available in a size to suit any project. Square downpipes can be ordered in lengths of 1800mm or 2400mm. Choose from galvanised, zinc/al and a huge range of colours. Check your State for availability.

Contour Downpipe

Contour Downpipe features an attractive fluted profile that suits modern, architectural styles. Fluting adds to the strength of the downpipe and allows consistently straight pipes to be rolled to any length required. Because Contour Downpipe can be cut to the exact length, it is economical, saving on wastage, reducing the number of joints and offering a quicker, seamless construction. Contour Spouting is available in a range of popular sizes and colours.

Downpipe and Spouting Accessories

Complete your spouting project with a range of downpipe accessories. Offsets are available to fit either a 450mm or 600mm eaves overhang. Downpipe straps attach the downpipe to the wall, downpipe shoes (135°) and elbows (90°) help water flow to a specific area. And downpipe outlets channel water from the gutter to the downpipe.

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Roofing & Walling

Realise your architectural dreams and be inspired by the possibilities with work of art in steel. Make your new home stand out or bring an existing home up-to-date with quality Roofing, Walling and Cladding from Stratco.


Complete your guttering with quality Downpipes from Stratco. Available in round, square or rectangular profiles. Stratco downpipes have the ability to suit any domestic or commercial application. 


Downpipe accessories include the:

  • offsets, enabling your downpipe to divert around obstacles, 
  • straps, which attach the downpipe to the wall, 
  • downpipe shoes and elbows which help water to flow to a particular area, and, 
  • downpipe outlets, which channel water from the gutter to the downpipe. 

For all your Downpipe & Accessories needs, contact us today.