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Are you looking for a DIY project with the extra time at home? Learn how to create your own Gutter Wall Garden with easy how to steps for a small backyard design. Create your own backyard décor with Stratco Edge Gutter at a low cost that will become a statement piece in your outdoor area.

Winter Veggie Patch

Apr 8 2020

Now is the perfect time to get started on planting your winter vegetables - Phil Gepps Cross, Horticulturist

There has been a great deal of State and Federal Government assistance announced over the past month and we thought it would be of assistance to you if we provided a summary of all of the economic stimulus packages currently are available.

With all the restrictions now in place due to Covid-19, along with fears of food security, we have seen an extraordinary rise in the numbers of people looking to grow their own veggies and fruit to the point where there is a shortage of both vegetable seedlings and seeds! Learn more...

While COVID-19 is presenting many challenges, people are spending a lot more time in their homes and back yards.   People need a safe and enjoyable home environment now more than ever.  People are installing home gyms, offices, sheds and garages to make the most of the space they have.  This is pres

In the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemeic isolation measures, Stratco and our Authorised Outback Dealers have adjusted our business practices to enable us to continue to assist you with  your patio requirements and help you create your perfect outdoor sanctuary.

Now is the perfect time to do so by taking advantage of the Northern Territory Government grants and turning your dreams of a perfect home or office space into a reality. Whether it is a new Stratco Garage, Good Neighbour Fence or Outback Patio, Stratco Berrimah can bring the HowTo.

HowTo Home Gym

Mar 28 2020

Are you looking to set up a home gym at the moment but struggling to find what you need?

Stratco can now provide you with a Live Link to your Stratco Patio, Garage or Ambient Blinds to your phone and email. Watch your outdoor dream come to life from the comfort of your own home by calling Stratco on 1300 165 165 and speaking directly to a design team member. Any changes requested will u

We are all facing uncertain times and with school holidays upon us and the kids being home more than normal, many parents and carers are looking for ways to keep them entertained and educated.

Unsure when to plant your veggies? Click on your climate zone below to view your veggie growing calendar.

Are you after an easy way to grow herbs and vegetables at the moment? Try grabbing your salad straight from the garden in a Stratco Raised Garden bed that can be right outside your door.