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This is an effective design to obtain a large coverage area but still let large amount of light into the area and house. The column design allows the Cooldek Patio to sit right up to the boundary line maximising the space as much as possible.

Masterton Homes were looking for a partner who could design and build outdoor living spaces to complement and add value to existing and new display homes.  The quality of the patios needed to match the high quality of their homes with complementary colours and architectural features.  They also need

It’s almost impossible to pick the weather at the moment, one day we’re sweltering through 40 plus degrees and the next we’re digging in the wardrobe for a jumper because it’s cold! At least the cooler days are giving our gardens and ourselves a chance to recover before the next burst of hot weather

Last year we teamed up with Lauren Brant, Australian actress and TV personality, to create her dream outdoor space at her coastal QLD home. Lauren and her partner, Barry Hall, purchased their home a

Here we are in a “new” year, hopefully, one not quite as crazy as the last. There has been a steady increase in people returning to gardening or perhaps starting for the first time due to the influx

Now is the perfect time to complete the renovations you have been thinking about for years or building a home of your own with the help of a government grant and record low interest rates.

For those who aren’t taking a break, we at Stratco will be remaining open where possible to ensure that your requirements are met. With that in mind, we would like to confirm our operating times for the Christmas and New Year period to assist you in planning your work schedule.

National Patio Day is your opportunity to celebrate the start of summer and your favourite backyard activities with family, friends, and loved ones under the shade of your Stratco patio—while also funding Cancer Council’s important research, prevention, advocacy and support programs.

Find Out What's On Near Your This National Patio Day

COLORBOND® steel roofing can be impacted by sunscreen damage depending on the products you apply to your roof*. Sunscreen damage occurs when products containing semiconducting oxide including titanium dioxide (TiO2) and zinc oxide (ZnO) accelerate the degradation of the paint systems in your roofing

I always think holding a celebration for a good cause is both fun and fulfilling. That’s why this year I have signed up to host my own National Patio Day Event, presented by Stratco, to enjoy the company of friends and family while raising awareness and funds for Cancer Council.

Julie-Ann decided to host a National Patio Day event in 2019 in memory of her late husband Trevor who often cherished his quiet time under his Stratco patio. Grateful for the support received through her own journey, Julie-Ann is now giving back to help other Australians impacted by cancer.