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Outback® Gazebo & Hip


SKU: Outback-Gazebo-and-Hip

Complete the open end of your Gable Outback with a Hip End or Gazebo. Designed to add a new dimension to your verandah and compliment the existing architecture of your home. Your patio will be custom designed and made to suit your exact requirements. Whether you want to build it yourself or have it installed, we are here to help. Contact us for pricing and further details today.

Gazebo and Hip End

Elegant options for gable roof patio designs

Add the finishing touch that brings the whole package together. With two distinctive and elegant styles to choose from that are designed to match your existing architecture, and add an additional dimension to your outdoor experience.

Available Colours

Outback® Framing

*Sylvanite has a slight price premium due to the metallic paint finish.

Outback® Deck & Cgi


Outback® Deck & Cgi


View the Outback® Colour Chart for full range of available colours in your state.

The finishing touches bring it all together. I really love my outdoor life.

Patios Verandah Carport Outback Hip Page

Outback Hip End
For Architectural Symmetry

With an enduring style, the Stratco Outback Hip End will add a traditional charisma to your home. The hip end is an elegant addition that completes the end of an Outback Gable. It has been designed to match the existing architecture of homes with a hip end in the roofline. You can incorporate a hip end to great effect on one or both ends of your gable.

Patios Verandah Carport Outback Hip Page

Patios Verandah Carport Outback Gazebo Page

Outback Gazebo End
For a Distinctive Finish

Exuding charm and character, the Outback Patio adds a new dimension to the end of an Outback Gable. Designed to provide the finishing touch, its distinctive form will impart a refined and elegant air to your home and enhance the appeal of any home and works especially well on those with bay windows and hexagon forms in the roof design.

Contact your nearest Stratco Home Improvement Store or Authorised Outback Dealer and let us show you the difference a Stratco Outback living solution can make to your home and lifestyle!

Patios Verandah Carport Outback Gazebo Page

Stratco Outback®Stratco Outback Logo
Verandahs | Patios | Carports | Pergolas | Sunroof.

Your Outdoor Lifestyle

Experience the best of outdoor living with a Stratco Outback® Verandah, Patio or Carport. Open your home to the outside and create a patio space that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Under a Stratco Outback Patio you are protected from the elements, expanding your possibilities for entertaining, storage or enjoying your garden.

Strip Outback Range

Invest In Market Leading Quality

Available in a wide range of high gloss colours to complement your home, the Stratco Outback Patio features the sturdy Outback Deck, a steel roofing sheet with a clean, smooth underside that has a 'ceiling-like' finish.

This unique roofing material can span up to 4.5 metres, allowing the support beams to be placed far apart for a clean, uncluttered finish to your patio. The structure is formed with strong and elegant, chamfered and fluted beams and columns. Matching gutters tie the system together, while hidden fixing points and concealed brackets complete the smooth and refined appearance.

Your lifestyle, your choice, your design combination.

Design Flexibility - As Unique As You

Design freedom is central to the versatile Stratco Outback Verandah. Your Stratco Outback is custom designed and made for your exact requirements. You can choose from flat, gable, curved or opening roof, in either attached or freestanding. Or you can choose a combination of styles in a wide range of colours to suit your home, budget and lifestyle.

Outback Evolution - Modern Design Features

Patios Outback Edge Gutter

Edge Gutters. Striking architectural profile for a modern appearance.

Patios Outback Aluminium Timber Print Column

Larger Columns. Chunkier columns including 100 x 100mm steel and a 140 x 140mm extruded aluminium timber vinyl print column wrap for a premium look and low maintenance upkeep.

Outback Carports

Enjoy the feeling of entering a cool car on a hot day or avoiding a drenching when trying to bring the shopping in. All of the Outback range is suitable for installation as a carport.

You can express your personality with Stratco’s incredible range of designs and colours, and with the neat, beautiful finish only available on an Outback Patio, you can be sure you are showing your best front to the street. Choose from freestanding or house attached designs to really enhance the value and comfort of your home.

Genuine Peace Of MindStratco-Outback-Warranty-25-Years.png

Your durable Stratco Outback Patio will be a lasting and satisfying investment giving you many years of enjoyment.

It is protected by our own 25 year structural warranty (conditions apply), and when installed by an Authorised Outback Dealer you are covered by a one year installation warranty.

The Stratco Outback range has been thoroughly engineered and tested to comply with all relevant Australian Standards. The major components are made from strong high tensile steel, while the fixings and brackets are galvanised for a long useable life.

Get excited about painting your dream, your way.

Variety Of Colour Combinations

Stratco Outback Colours

The beautiful Stratco Outback range offers seven high gloss framework colours, a variety of high gloss cladding colour options and over 20 gutter colours to match or contrast with your existing home.

So whether you choose calming hues for your haven or bold tones for your entertaining area, or even filtered light for your family space, you will find a colour combination that's just right for you.

Speak to your Outback consultant for more ideas and colour samples.

Stratco is the only major manufacturer of verandahs, patios and carports that has a nationwide chain of home improvement stores and a highly professional network of Authorised Dealers. So you can be sure we have your outdoor lifestyle needs covered.

Talk to Stratco when making a decision about the best verandah or patio for your home. There is a location near you with stores in every major city including Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Brisbane. Stratco have all the design and installation advice to make the process easy.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential to maintain the good looks of all Stratco steel products and to ensure you receive the maximum life-span possible in your area. Washing with clean water must be frequent enough to prevent the accumulation of dust, salts, and pollutants or any other material that will reduce the life of the product. Stratco steel products that are regularly washed by rain require no additional maintenance. No Stratco steel structure or materials are recommended for use over, or in close proximity, to swimming pools or spas. No material that retains water (such as dirt or paving sand) should be placed against the columns. Care must be taken when determining the location of Stratco steel products so that they are not placed in close contact with sources of pollution or environmental factors that could affect the life of the steel. Refer to the 'Selection, Use and Maintenance' brochure for more information.

Hip End

Hip End Section Details

Clearspan And Multispan Hip End Dimensions
Opening (O) A Patios Verandah Carport Outback Hip Section
1200 600
1500 750
1800 900
2100 1050
2400 1200
2700 1350
3000 1500
3300 1650
3600 1800
3900 1950
4200 2100
4500 2250
4800 2400
5100 2550
5400 2700
5700 2850
6000 3000
6300 3150
6600 3300

Connection Details


Patios Verandah Carport Outback Hip Clearspan Connection


Patios Verandah Carport Outback Hip Multispan Connection


  1. Ridge Cap
  2. Ridge Knuckle
  3. Hip Rafter
  4. Hip Fascia Beam
  5. Hip Apex Bracket
  6. Rafter to Valley Bracket
  7. Post Bracket
  8. Post
  9. Beam to Beam Braket
  10. Notched Beam Filler
  11. Perimeter Bracket
  12. Outback Deck
  13. 2 Piece Clearspan Back Channel
  14. Beam Capping
  15. Hip End Beam Capping Mitre
  16. Polycarbonate, Outback Deck or CGI Corrugated
  17. Purlin
  18. Purlin Intersection Cover
  19. 90° Angled Purlin Connector
  20. Front Fascia Beam
  21. Centre Hip Rafter
  22. Hip Support Flashing

Gazebo End

Gazebo End Section Details

Clearspan And Multispan Gazebo End Dimensions
Opening (O) A B C Patios Verandah Carport Outback Gazebo Section
1200 277 668 553
1500 339 818 678
1800 401 968 802
2100 463 1118 926
2400 525 1268 1050
2700 587 1418 1175
3000 649 1568 1299
3300 712 1718 1423
3600 774 1868 1548
3900 836 2018 1672
4200 898 2168 1796
4500 960 2318 1920
4800 1022 2468 2045
5100 1084 2618 2169
5400 1147 2768 2293
5700 1209 2918 2417
6000 1271 3068 2542
6300 1333 3218 2666
6600 1395 3368 2790

Connection Details


Patios Verandah Carport Outback Gazebo Clearspan Connection


Patios Verandah Carport Outback Gazebo Multispan Connection


  1. Ridge Cap
  2. Ridge Knuckle
  3. Hip Rafter
  4. Gazebo Fascia Beam
  5. Gazebo Apex Bracket
  6. Rafter to Valley Bracket
  7. Post Bracket
  8. Post
  9. Post Cap
  10. Outback Deck
  11. 2 Piece Clearspan Back Channel
  12. Beam Capping
  13. 67.5° Angled Inline Beam Connector
  14. Perimeter Bracket
  15. Gazebo Beam Capping Mitre
  16. Polycarbonate, Outback Deck or CGI Corrugated
  17. Purlin
  18. Purlin Intersection Cover
  19. 135° Angled Purlin Connector
  20. Hip Support Flashing

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