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Create an inviting open-air setting with the Stratco Outback Pergola. Let the light in and improve the appearance of your home. Add a functional outdoor patio space to shade and protect recreation areas and delicate plants.

For cyclonic areas please contact Stratco for details and pricing.

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NEW! Outback Evolution

Outback Evolution offers a stunning range of NEW features:


Natural Filtered Light

Create shade and protection with the Outback Pergola

Create an inviting open-air setting that will let the light in and improve the appearance of your home. Ideal for defining and shading an outdoor space for both you and your delicate plants. Offering a range of options, the Outback Pergola allows you to leave the pergola open, clad it with shade cloth, or complete it with the innovative Shade Blade system.

I love the filtered light and open air feel of a pergola

The Stratco Outback Pergola patio

Outback Pergola

With massive spans of up to eight metres, it is available freestanding or attached. The beams can be left open or fitted with a range of shadecloth colours and shade levels for varying sun protection. The shadecloth is attached with a special clip for a neat finish. You can even embellish your pergola with optional profiled beam ends.

Stratco Outback Shade Cloth Pergola

Natural filtered light with the Stratco Outback Pergola Shade Blade veranda

Pergola Shade Blade

For a more permanent option to create natural filtered light, the innovative Shade Blade system is ideal. Designed to attach to your pergola as an angled, fixed blade arrangement, Shade Blade lets the light and breeze in while providing shelter from the sun. The unique blade design has a small gutter to provide protection from light rain.

For added privacy, Shade Blade can be installed as a side screen. When used as a side screen, the support post centres should be a maximum of 1.2 metres apart.

Contact your nearest Stratco Home Improvement Store or Authorised Outback Dealer and let us show you the difference a Stratco Outback living solution can make to your home and lifestyle!

Filtered light with the innovative Stratco Outback Shade Blade Pergola

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Maximum rafter spans (mm)
Wind Speed Rafter Spacing (B) Span (S) 120mm Beams
Attached Freestanding
W28N to 41N 600 8000 8000
900 7400 7400
1200 6800 6800
W50N 600 8000 7400
900 6800 6200
1200 5600 5600

N = Non-cyclonic wind classification

Stratco Outback Pergola Patio Spans

Connection Details

Stratco Outback Pergola Patio Connection


  • Wall Bracket
  • Purlin/Batten
  • 120mm Rafter
  • 120mm Fascia Beam
  • 120mm End Cap
  • Connection Sleeve
  • Connection Bracket
  • Pergola Profiled Beam End
  • Profiled Beam End Cap
  • Post Cap
  • Post Bracket
  • Column
  • Footing Plate


Installation DetailsClick to ExpandClick to Contract

Structural Sections

  • Stratco Outback Veranda 150mm beam

    150mm Beam

  • Stratco Outback Patio Post

    Post | Purlin

Design Options

Stratco Outback Pergola Patio Spans


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