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A Rally Enthusiasts Custom Double Car Garage

Meet Mike Lowe. A rally enthusiast and Ferrari fanatic.

Mike was seeking a double car garage that could fit his prized possessions, Ferrari classics. His new Stratco car garage provides security and protection from elements. With a love of motorsport, he has surrounded himself with rally, performance and classic cars for over 40 years, restoring them to pristine condition.

Situated in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, Mike required a workshop to fit the rally cars on his sloping block and the Stratco Garage was the perfect solution. The block, space available and boundary line made it difficult to fit a standard garage in which led to a custom-made design. Stratco Engineers provided a unique double car garage solution, incorporating the retaining wall nearby into the structure and creating a custom design double car garage. Mike also required an extended wall height to allow for his car hoist. in Mike's opinion, “every guy should have a hoist in their shed and going taller is a whole lot cheaper than going wider”.

Features Of A Stratco Car Garage
The Stratco Gable Roof Garage features an extremely practical pitched roof and design enabling you to take full advantage of the floor space available. The structure's design helps to minimise heat build-up and increase the inside storage space, along with delivering the benefits of a self-cleaning shape on the outside.

Gable Roof Garages are available in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit every block of land. The importance of the car garage can be proven in the protection it offers Mike’s most prized possessions which are his sports cars. Mike shared that “having a shed where my cars can live without having to have daily passers-by is a very inexpensive way to protect my investments”. The car garage fits nicely into the existing environment hidden away, blending into the surrounding greenery which was a request from Mike's partner.

Car Garage Installation Options
Mike chose to have the garage installed by Stratco’s recommended installer who managed everything from start to finish during the erection of the project. To Mike, it was simple, “if you haven’t got the time to project manage Stratco will do it for you”. Stratco Gable Roof Garages are designed to be the ideal DIY project with easy-to-follow installation instructions available however, we can also provide qualified garage installer's to complete the job for you.

So, why Stratco?

It’s the service, quality, ease of doing business and why would anybody want to put their valuable possessions in anything other than a Stratco Garage.

Building Your Own Garage With Hoist
Stratco can help you design the perfect garage to work on your cars and protect your investments. Simply choose from the pre-existing sizes or request a custom quote from the colour range, once this has been finalised, we will send you an email with a 3D design so you can envision your Stratco Garage before accepting the quote. If no changes are required you may place your order in-store, over the phone or online and we will be in contact to discuss your delivery & installation if required.

Storage For Your Car Garage
Once your garage is built there is no doubt you will need to store an abundance of items. From shelving units and cabinets to workshops we have a storage solution for every garage. View the range now. 

Request A Quote

Stratco helped transform Mike’s workshop from a small space to a fully-fledged man cave and car workshop. Whether you want to build it yourself or have it installed, we are here to help. Contact us for pricing and further details today.