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BBQ’s For Outdoor Cooking Enthusiasts

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With Spring upon us and Summer fast approaching, now is the time to ensure your outdoor BBQ is up to scratch.

Nothing says summer like a warm summer night gathered around the BBQ with family and friends. A great barbeque can make a big difference to any outdoor living area.  The atmosphere created by that iconic sound of a sizzling BBQ is enough to make any neighbour jealous as that sensational BBQ aroma wafts over your Stratco fence and into the neighbour's backyard.  Some of Australia's greatest stories are told while entertaining our mates around the BBQ as people relax, have a laugh and enjoy the atmosphere under the patio.

What you might not know is that cooking on the BBQ can also provide some great nutritional benefits. Barbecuing is proven to help retain more essential nutrients compared to alternative methods such as baking or frying. By cooking your meats and vegetables at a higher heat they don’t need to be cooked for as long, helping preserve their nutritional value. A good quality BBQ will be well designed to extract and catch excess fat, helping create great tasting, healthier meals for your family and guests.  With so many great benefits, why not barbecue under your Stratco patio all year round?

What BBQ is the best for me?

The Beefeater Bugg Barbeque is the perfect addition to your backyard, transforming your space into your dream outdoor cooking area. For a portable option, the Weber is a crowd favourite as it is easy to store and travel with making the Weber BBQ a reliable and easy to use option.

If you are looking to expand your skills and up your Grill Master Stature, why not try a Smoker BBQ or a Spit Roaster. Impress your friends and family with tender meat that falls off the bone. A Smoker BBQ is the best way to cook food at a low temperature for long periods of time to help create that mouth-watering smoky taste. A quality Smoker BBQ has the ability to turn the largest and toughest cut of meat into an incredibly juicy and tender delight.

The Spit Roaster is an impressive option that will wow your guests! Whether you are entertaining a crowd or a small group of people, a spit roast is a crowd-pleaser. Similar to the Smoker BBQ, the Spit Roaster creates that delicious smoky flavour and tenderness that you just cannot replicate in the oven. While it looks impressive, a Smoker BBQ and Spit Roaster can be used by someone with any level of skill. Whether you are a beginner or self-proclaimed Grill Master the Smoker BBQ or Spit Roaster is for you.

No outdoor setting is truly complete without a BBQ.

Where to purchase a BBQ?

The possibilities are endless at Stratco with Kettle BBQ’s, Portable BBQ’s, Smoker BBQ’s, Spit Roasters, and 4 & 5 Burner BBQs. Stratco also offers a range of BBQ accessories that are available online and in-store.  You can even use our buy now, pay later finance options to start enjoying your new BBQ today.

If you are unsure about what style of BBQ would suit you best or any have questions, feel free to contact us or visit your local Stratco store for any assistance.