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Discover the Ultimate Leaf Eater Stream Range

Let's have a look at the Leaf Eater Stream range. There are three rain heads in the Stream range from Rain Harvesting designed to be nice and skinny, making them blend seamlessly into your property. Whether you have posts and downpipes around your patio or deck, these rain heads are unobtrusive and won't stick out as traditional rain heads might.

The purpose of the Leaf Eater Stream range is to be incorporated into your rainwater harvesting system, stopping leaves, dirt, and debris from entering your rainwater tank and contaminating the water. These are simply installed on existing or new downpipes.

Leaf Eater Stream Original

The way the Leaf Eater Strem Original works is quite simple yet effective. It has an open mouth with angled mesh inside. As the water flows through, leaves and debris are channeled out the front while the majority of the water goes straight to your tank.

The idea behind this design is minimal maintenance. One of the standout features of this rain head is its straightforward installation. You don't need any glue because it has a nice fitting at the bottom that ensures the water only flows one way. Once you get it in your hands, you’ll understand why the installation is a breeze and not fiddly.

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Leaf Eater Stream with Hood

If your rain head is installed above an area where you can’t afford any splashing, the Leaf Eater Strem with Hood is for you. Unlike the original, this version handles splashes more effectively. It’s perfect for installations above eating areas, patios, and verandahs, or where extensions have been done over existing roofs and downpipes are already in place.

This quirky yet efficient design ensures that water and leaves do not spill out. Lifting the cover reveals a mesh screen, which directs all water to your tank. Minimal maintenance is required, but you won't have water splashing everywhere thanks to its innovative design.

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Leaf Eater Stream Shield

Lastly, let's discuss the Leaf Eater Stream Shield. This model also relies on the same mesh for filtration but offers a different configuration. It acts similar to a bucket, catching leaves and water but preventing significant water splashing even in heavy rain.

The shield allows for visual inspection to determine when cleaning is necessary. While it can occasionally self-eject debris if overwhelmed, periodic maintenance ensures it stays in optimal working order. The shield, like the other variants, seamlessly blends with your property, maintaining that unobtrusive appearance the Rain Harvesting team have emphasized.

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Choosing the Right Leaf Eater Stream

Choosing the right Leaf Eater Stream rain head depends on your specific needs:

  1. Leaf Eater Stream Original: Ideal for general use with minimal maintenance. This will cause mild splashing and thus would not be recommended for areas including patios, walkways etc.
  2. Leaf Eater Stream with Hood: Perfect for areas where water splashes need to be controlled like patios, walkways, and eating areas.
  3. Leaf Eater Stream Shield: Best for those requiring easy visual checks and handling moderate debris accumulation.

If you require assistance choosing the right Leaf Eater Stream, or need advice regarding your water harvesting system, whether it's water tanks, downpipes, or anything in between, head into your local Stratco or give us a call on 1300 165 165.

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