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HowTo: DIY Giant Tumbling Tower


Meet Annabelle, who was hosting a party and wanted to do something that was fun for all involved, yet cost effective. She decided to make a DIY Giant Tumbling Tower with timber from Stratco. The team at Stratco helped her select the correct timber as well as cut it all up ready for her event. Everyone at Annabelle’s party had a ball and absolutely loved the idea.

How to make your own DIY Giant Tumbling Tower:

  1. Come into Stratco
  2. Look for the 90x45mm Pine at 6m long with the help of our staff. 
  3. Ask the staff member to cut 3 6m lengths into 220mm pieces which will create 66 blocks making a 22 later Tumbling Tower.
  4. Grab a 70L Storage Tub to store the blocks in.
  5. Purchase if needded some sandpaper, or a sander to sand the edges of the blocks to ensure no one gets hurt.
  6. Take your products to the checkouts with the assistance of a team member if required, and purchase a source of unlimited fun for under $100.
  7. Take the blocks home to create your own Giant Tumbling Tower and have fun with your friends and family. 

To create the DIY Giant Tumbling Tower 3 blocks need to be placed next to each other, then another layer of 3 blocks but placed on a further 90 degrees. Continue to complete this process until you run out of blocks.

Watch this video to find out more!

Have some questions? Feel free to contact us here for any assistance.