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How to Create Your Own Backyard Office


How to Create Your Own Backyard Office

Posted on: October 1, 2015

Are you one of the 5.6 million Australians who work from home? Creating a dedicated office space can help facilitate a healthy and productive work life.

Do you work from home? Research shows you are not alone, with more Australians seeking the benefits of flexible work arrangements. As advancements in technology make collaboration easier, it's become a more feasible option for many workers.

However, finding a dedicated space that allows you to complete your work in peace can prove difficult. Not everyone has the luxury of an extra room that can be converted into a studio and for those who do, an office within the house can blur the lines between work and home.

More than half of Australians work away from office

Working from home resulted in a 13 per cent increase in performance and overall improved employee satisfaction.

Working from home can result in happier workers and increased productivity, according to a Stanford University study. It found that working away from the office resulted in a 13 per cent increase in performance and overall improved employee satisfaction. Perhaps this is why more Australians are opting to work away from the office.

In a 2014 study, the Australian government Department of Communications found that 51 per cent of employees work from their house in some capacity. The internet has facilitated this ease, resulting in 5.6 million Australians regularly completing tasks from their home.

These figures have been rising, as the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that in 2008, just 24 per cent of Australians worked from home. This was attributed to two key reasons: to catch up on work (34 per cent) and wanting an office at home with no rent (22 per cent).

Having a dedicated space in your home can facilitate productivity as it helps your mind focus. With the rise of effective digital communication tools, all employees are working from home in some sense. This makes having a home office that much more important, however, not everyone has the extra space. One way to combat this is by installing a shed as your own backyard office.

Benefits of a backyard office

The Australian Bureau of Statistics recorded a 6.9 per cent increase in house prices in Australia's eight major cities from March 2014 to March 2015. With average house prices increasing, many Australians simply cannot afford an extra room for a home office.

While a desk can suffice, not having a dedicated space can result in increased interruptions and work bleeding into your private life. Installing an office shed can provide the privacy you need in order to get your tasks completed for the day while still avoiding the commute into the office.

Just because your shed is for work, does not mean it has to be dull. Sheds are now available in a wide range of modern designs. The Handi-Heritage Shed is a one such example, that conveys charm and character. It is also easy to install as it is delivered in complete panels, ideal for those needing a home office as soon as possible. Of course, qualified installers are also available to set up your shed if need be.

Working outdoors also has health benefits, with research showing that taking a break and interacting with nature can improve productivity.

A 2008 University of Michigan study indicated that nature grabs our attention in a subtle way, giving our top-down attention abilities a chance to rejuvenate. Taking a quick break outside can improve performance and can do more for your brain than that third cup of coffee. With an office located in your backyard, fresh air is never going to be far away.

Sheds are easily personalised to create the perfect office for your needs, as they are essentially a blank canvas. Add some appropriate furniture, and your backyard office is good to go.