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HowTo Garden September - 2020


It's officially Spring and I'm sure we're all happy to see the end of what has been a very cold winter.

A bit of sunshine makes all the difference, plants are flowering madly, and new growth is sprouting out everywhere. Do keep in mind that your plants will dry out very quickly now, especially during the windy days; pots and hanging baskets will require careful attention. Keep an eye on your fruit trees too because they are currently flowering and will soon be trying to set fruit. One good tip for this time of the year is to apply a solution of soil wetter to your garden, particularly potted plants. This will help the soil retain moisture and if you have water repellent soil this will also allow the water to penetrate down to the roots. If you are planting into pots make sure you use a premium potting mix that includes a soil wetter or add some water-saving granules to the mix.

Now, it is time to get serious about summer vegetables, herbs and flowers. Most of the new season stock is in store now ready to go, find your local store here. There is a huge range of veggies to choose from with all the favourites like tomatoes, cucumber and capsicum and for flowers, we now have petunias and impatiens in. The soil is still a little cold for some summer vegetables to be planted out so consider potting tomatoes, chillies and capsicums into pots to let them grow on a bit before putting them into the ground. Don't worry if you don't have a garden bed as such, all of the above will grow very happily in pots, garden beds and even in some hanging baskets. Remember, citrus trees are not happy being planted into cold soil so hold off on planting them, probably until the end of September. We recommend purchasing them while stock is available but keep them in their pots for a couple more weeks before planting unless you're keeping them in pots which is fine to do now.

Summer grass lawns such as couch and buffalo should be fed now as they will be starting to make new growth with the warmer, sunny days. Keep the height up when mowing and be mindful of the outbreak weeds underneath which can be controlled by hand weeding or spraying as necessary. Spring bulbs may be coming to the end of their flowering too but remember to keep feeding them as this is when they develop next seasons flowers.

Spring is a great time of year in our gardens so make the most of the finer weather, get stuck into some of the tasks above but most of all enjoy your garden!

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