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HowTo Garden Tips - December 2021


December Garden Notes

I’m not sure where the days and months have gone, but another year has come and gone and we’re into December already! It’s now time to start preparing for Christmas and what we need to do before the big day, so let’s look at a few things in the garden that might need some attention too.

Brightening Up Your Garden

Luckily for us this spring, there were no hot days to really test us and our gardens. However, there may be a few areas that will need some brightening up, which is best done earlier in the month rather than later. Potted Colour, whether in packs or single pots, can be planted out into pots or gaps in the garden, and doing so now will give the plants plenty of time to fill out to provide a great display. Don’t be afraid to overplant in an effort to create that ‘wow’ factor, however, you will just need to make sure that you are watering and fertilising adequately in order to keep your plants looking and feeling good. If you have a shaded area, consider using Impatiens. We currently have Impatiens that are both thriving and looking good that are ready for your garden!

How To Utilise your Indoor & Patio Space

Remember not to neglect your indoor areas and the patio, too! A few new plants in nice pots can really change the look of an area at very little cost. If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at our large range of indoor & patio plants, including the ever popular Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Outdoor Furniture & BBQ Maintanence 

Make sure to regularly check your outdoor furniture too, as it may need a clean, a re-oil, or perhaps even a set of new cushions. If you haven’t used your BBQ much up until now, make sure to check it over as well in order to provide the peace of mind that everything, such as the hoses, are in a good and safe condition for this summer season.  

Sturt Desert Pea Season 

Sturt’s Desert Pea, our State’s Floral Emblem, is currently in stock and surprisingly isn’t as difficult to grow as you may think. All you need to do is choose a sunny location with well-drained soil as they do not tolerate wet feet, or, alternatively, they can be placed in a pot or a hanging basket. Make sure to fertilise them fortnightly with a liquid plant food, personally, I use Powerfeed on mine, and I also pinch out the runners to keep the plants compact and flowering well.

Giving Your Lawn The Love It Deserves 

Your lawn may need a little TLC this month as well. Lawn beetles are around at this time of the year, and a random yellow patch is a classic tell-tale sign but you may also see birds feeding on the lawn after watering. This issue can be easily treated with granules or sprays. While on the topic of lawn care, if you haven’t fed yours for a while, make sure to do it as soon as you can, and remember to raise the mower height a notch or two. Keeping a bit more length to your lawn this summer will not only look better, but will also help your lawn combat the hot weather when it does eventually arrive.

Protecting Your Fruit

This is the time to think about putting netting over your fruit trees and vines. Even though fruit is still small and green, unfortunately birds are not picky eaters and can strip a tree or vine in a matter of minutes if they get the chance. There’s nothing worse than seeing all your hard work nurturing a crop disappear and be left with nothing!

'Living' Christmas Trees

Have you considered a “living” tree this year for Christmas? You can use many different plants as a living Christmas tree and we have a beauty at the moment. The Norfolk Island Pine is ideal as it can stay in a pot for years. Just decorate and bring it inside for a few weeks then pop it outside again.

Garden Gift Options For This Christmas 

All my gardening friends and relatives love getting garden gifts for Christmas that they can plant and use in their own gardens. We have plenty of garden plants and accessories that will make ideal gifts. Plant Wise Hydrangeas are always a favourite, showy and attractive, Elkhorn and Staghorn Ferns, Bonsai and decorative bowls to name just a few. Children love the novelty of carnivorous plants and Venus Fly Traps are in stock and looking great.  Some other ideas are kneeling pads and seats and a large range of beautiful decorative pots. If you can’t decide there is always a Stratco Gift Voucher so the recipient can choose their own gift.

Best wishes to you all for the Festive season from everyone here at Stratco, Happy Holidays!