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May Garden Notes


Welcome to the May Garden Club notes. Firstly we would like to wish all the Mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day. Our best wishes to you all and we hope you have a lovely day.

Giving the gift of flowers and flowering plants is a lovely way to say thanks to you mum for her love and support through the year. Traditionally, Chrysanthemums are the plant most associated with Mother’s Day. They are available in a large range of colours and flower styles, and best of all, you can plant them out into the garden afterwards. Put them in a nice sunny spot, prune after flowering, feed regularly and you’ll have a beautiful, hardy flowering small shrub!

Cyclamen are another favourite gift idea, long flowering and suitable for a short time indoors before going back outside.  They cope with light frost, but need the right conditions to thrive. Ideally, plant your outdoor cyclamen in a sheltered spot under deciduous trees for dappled shade in summer and sun in winter; they are also fine in pots.

If you are buying Mum a plant you may need a nice pot to put it in. You can’t go past a Jersey Pot. These classic white pots will fit a 140mm pot and come in three different designs, just perfect! Another great range of pots instore now is small “Succulent Pots”. There are a couple of different sizes available, suitable for the succulents and cacti featured in our latest catalogue. 

Of course there are many other “garden” gifts that you can brighten mum’s day with. Ornaments, garden tools, obelisks, plant stands and many more.

If you haven’t planted veggies yet don’t delay. The colder the ground gets the slower they are to establish and grow. Keep an eye out for seed potatoes in the next week or so, they are running a little late due this year but can be planted right through the colder months. As with most vegetables don’t despair if you haven’t got a spot in the garden they can be grown very successfully in pots and containers.