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Shed Shock #12 Building Safety

Shed Shock 12 Building Safety.gif


That’s when you realise you need to think about shed safety

You’re not the only one in the family who uses the shed, and there are tools and sharp items, including screws and blades, everywhere. It’s dangerous - especially for kids


Stratco has smart storage options to take the stress away. From screwdriver racks to tool cabinets and rolling chests, it’s easy to get organised. There are even wall mountable magnetic strips for securing your sharp tools and blades out of reach. We have everything from stackable benchtop storage to 100L Tuff Boxes, sturdy metal lockers, under-bench toolboxes and galvanised trunks, that are lockable for power tools.

Things to think about:

  • Locking mesh security door cabinet
  • Bargain two-drawer work bench with hooks
  • Single-width three and four-door lockers
  • Two-shelf wall-mountable safe
  • Big work hooks
  • Cubic 30L plastic storage containers
  • Wall mountable fishing rod racks
  • Bicycle hanging hooks
  • Workbench stacking drawer system


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Avoid Shed Shock.