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Shed Shock #11 Safety

Shed Shock 11 Safety


You were born with two left feet and a fear of heights not a good combo

You’re always careful working at heights but embarrassingly you’ve put a foot right through the old polycarbonate roofing while cleaning the gutters. You need help with that?


You’re not the only one ... we’ve thought about this and it’s an important aspect, for your own safety. That’s why we’ve got safety mesh options available on all Stratco garages. And, next time, that mesh will stop you falling all the way through the roof! Safety mesh can be factored into the build of your new shed or we can give you tips on retro-fitting it to your existing shed. There are a range of safety options for all facets of your shed, from power to lighting, adhesive grip tape for non-slip surfaces and high-vis tape for steps, edges and bench-mounted power tools. Safety first!

Things to think about:

  • Roof ladder bars/handrails
  • Personal safety harnesses
  • Window/sylight grilles and mesh
  • Multi-layered polycarbonate sheeting
  • Alternative compact skylight options
  • Cost-saving solar-powered interior lighting
  • Gutter guard to keep leaves out
  • Magnetic roofing shoes


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