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Shed Shock #3 The Elements

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Weatherproof before your treasure is washed away

From cool cars to family heirloom tools, sheds are home to some of our favourite things. So it’s a stressful day when you discover your treasures are weather-beaten or flood damaged!


Engineered to stand up to our harsh Australian climate and built and designed to Australian standards, Stratco sheds are independently certified, they come with a 15-year structural warranty, 10-year paint protection, high-tensile bolted connections, and cyclonic engineering options. Gutter and downpipe systems, weather-resistant ridge caps and flashings, verandah and patio additions, and even flooring systems add protection from the elements. What’s not to love!

Things to think about:

  • Silicone gun and tubes to fix leaks
  • Sisalation to line roof interior and walls
  • Malleable foam strips to block breeze gaps
  • Flashings and ridge caps for prevailing winds
  • Downpipes, run-off and rainwater tank options
  • Window flashings and DIY awnings to stop pooling/li>
  • Door dam floor threshold seals
  • Roller door seal to block wind and rain
  • HandiMate shed flooring system for a better seal


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