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Top 10 Uses For WD-40

Jul 20 2022
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When you need a product that cleans, protects & lubricates, WD-40 is your solution!

Available from Stratco, the WD-40 multi-purpose product does it all - from stopping creaks, lifting grime, freeing jams, removing hair nasties and protection from moisture, all with just one product.

There are hundres of problems that can be solved with WD-40.  See our top 10 below and share your own favourites in the comments below:

Sticky Hair Situations

If you happen to face a sticky situation, the WD-40 has got you covered even in the hairstyling sector. WD-40 has anti-stick properties so if you have dyed hair, dandruff, gum, lice eggs, or any other nasties, start up your WD-40, get a comb and start brushing. Be precautious of contact with the eye area, as sudden contact can cause a burning sensation.

Splinter Solutions

Providing you with splinter solutions whilst hard at work, applying the WD-40 to wood with small bumps and holes the spray is able to fill the holes and cover the bumps, leaving it with a smooth texture so you have one less worry when dealing with wood supplies.

Removing Sticky Materials

WD-40 is a ridicule strong sticky remover having the power to unstick most manufactured adhesives you are faced with. It can take down sticky notes, stickers, wax, duct tape, and even glue. This is handy when there is a little leftover sticky substance on the wall, desk, or any other surface that needs cleaning.


WD-40 also comes in handy with its polish effect. It can make metals like brass or gold shine like new, also working on plastics like Polyurethane. When WD-40 is placed on solid materials, it gives it a long-lasting glossy effect for all your metal surfaces.

Rust Remover

WD-40 has a specific rust remover effect for only specific metals like iron, chromes, and stainless steel. It is able to destroy rust that would take someone a long period of time to do all with the help of the WD-40 spray.


WD-40 is a strong anti-stick resource and acts as a strong lubricant that helps with specifically fixing locks and gears. From stopping creaks in the door hinges, to even providing a solution to that wedding ring you can’t pull off, the MD-40 is your solution. Some other daily problems one might face even include a helping hand for stuck zippers, door jams, stuck pistons, and even when your draw doesn’t want to budge just to name the least!


Cleaning is one of the most common jobs for the WD-40 supply. It can remove most fresh stains on wood, cloth, leather, carpet, walls, and more surfaces. WD-40 leaves remarkable results from cleaning oil spots, whilst cleaning grease, dirt, mud, gum, marker, paint, and ink.


MD-40 is another popular option for all your coating needs! WD-40 waterproofing coating stops surfaces from getting wet with another bonus of being hard to freeze, leaving an extra coat of ice protection on top. This also helps your windows from fogging up.

Weed Killer

WD-40 is classified as toxic and great for killing your nasty weeds, killing them down to the roots with just one spray. The intensity of this solution is very strong, so be cautious when spraying around other plants. 

Brings a Stop To Unwanted Bugs & Animals

WD-40 is an effective way to keep those annoying bugs away, especially bees and wasps, that usually come together to make a hive. With WD-40 on the wall, the hive will prevent sticking so the bees or wasps can’t make a hives nest where you don’t want it. Another HowTo Tip - if you spray some WD-40 in a small hole it will make it inhabitable for spiders. If you also have a bird feeder, you can put WD-40 on the top and bottom of the feeder so animals can’t climb it, resulting in them sliding off, while still allowing birds access.

For all your HowTo solutions WD-40 is one of the most useful products when it comes to all your cleaning, protection and lifestyle problems! 

Share Your Own WD-40 Tips

Tell us how you use WD-40 in the comments below:

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