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Your Complete Guide To High-Quality Hardware For Building Gates That Last

Gates are more than just barriers, they are also appealing features that enhance the security and functionality of your surroundings. Whether protecting your home, securing your bustling business, or safeguarding your industrial space, gates represent security and identity and come in all shapes and sizes to suit different needs.

When building a gate, it's important to carefully choose materials and gate hardware to ensure its durability over time. Here are some tips to consider when making a choice:

  1. Durability: You want a gate durable and strong enough to handle anything from harsh weather to heavy usage. By investing in high-quality materials you can ensure a sturdy and strong gate that will last you for years to come. Stratco's Good Neighbour® gates and COLORBOND® gates are a popular choice.
  2. Strength: When it comes to safeguarding your property, sturdy gate hardware is paramount. Materials like heavy-duty gate hinges, latches and locks are important for strong gates that can withstand external forces and keep your property safe.
  3. Safety Features: Built-in safety features like self-closing mechanisms and magnetic locks are important for meeting safety standards, especially for pool areas. With these safety features in place you can relax knowing your gate is keeping your property and loved ones safe.
  4. Weather Resistance: Keep in mind the unpredictable Australian weather when choosing the right hardware for your gates. Look for materials resistant to rust, corrosion, and UV damage in finishes like zinc, galvanisation, powder coat, or stainless steel that will keep your gate looking great and functioning optimally for years to come.
  5. Ease of Installation: Whether you're a pro or a DIY enthusiast, choose gate hardware that's easy to install to save time and effort. Opt for trusted products with simple installation processes.
  6. Versatility: Gates serve varied purposes across residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Make sure that your gate hardware is functional, efficient, and can adapt to different settings and needs.
  7. Warranty and Certification: Finally, you want hardware that you can trust. It's always a good idea to choose gate materials that are backed by warranties and certifications, giving you peace of mind and confidence in their quality, durability and reliability.

Picture1 trio australia heavy duty hinge.png

If you’re searching for gate hardware and accessories that not only secure your property but also make a statement, look no further than Trio Gate Hardware and the SafeAz Polymer Range. From a range of hinges, latches, and gate locks, Trio has your needs covered with hardware designed to meet diverse requirements in various applications.

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Whether you need a polymer pool latch or pull safety latch for your pool gate, timber gate hinges for a garden gate, or heavy-duty gate hinge for a large gate in a commercial building, you can find high-quality hardware and accessories that prioritise safety and your peace of mind.

Discover Safety and Durability with SafeAz Polymer Range

If you are searching for a gate hardware range that is crafted to withstand the Australian climate and harsh environment while ensuring unparalleled safety and security for your perimeter fencing and pool areas, you can rely on the SafeAz Polymer Range by Trio to get the job done.

SafeAz Polymer Range combines durable polymer and stainless-steel parts to create strong gate hardware perfect for residential and commercial use. A lot of thought has been put into safety, ensuring each piece has features like a hassle-free magnetic lock and self-closing function that also helps meet Australian safety standards, especially crucial for pool areas.

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The SafeAZ top pull hatch has been tested extensively and undergone rigorous NATA testing and certification. The SafeAz polymer pool latch and pull safety latch come with a limited lifetime warranty ensuring longevity. The range is suitable for trade professionals, DIY enthusiasts, and commercial entities meeting all security and durability needs.

Picture5 trio australia side pull latch.png

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Unlock Security with Trio Gate Hardware

Imagine a high-quality gate hardware solution that combines strength, resilience and timeless tradition. That’s what you get with Trio Gate Hardware. Made from top-grade steel components, the timber gate hinge and heavy-duty gate hinge range offers a sturdy solution for any new fencing project or replacing worn, broken, or faulty parts for an existing one.

The Trio Gate Hardware range is available in different high-quality finishes to meet your gate’s performance and design needs – choose from high-quality zinc, galvanised, powder coat (black), and stainless steel options. Each component is designed to withstand environmental impact and can be easily installed in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

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For groundbreaking features explore the T2000-2600 product range. Equipped with a patented anti-theft security pin, these gate hardware solutions offer unparalleled protection by preventing hinges and gates from being detached from their mountings. It's an extra layer of security for a property, providing homeowners and businesses with the confidence and reassurance they need.

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Enjoy Security And Peace Of Mind With Industry Leading Hardware

With Trio Gate Hardware and SafeAz Polymer Range, you’re not just purchasing hardware – you’re getting endless possibilities that can transform ordinary gates into durable and striking features that stand the test of time. Next time you pass through a gate just take a moment to appreciate the hardware that makes it possible and remember with Trio you have the best-in-class hardware components at your service.

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About Trio Group Australia

Trio Group Australia has been a trusted provider of hardware solutions for door hardware, plumbing, and gardening products over its 40-year history. Proudly 100% Australian-owned and operated, Trio is committed to enhancing the safety, security, and style of spaces nationwide. Trio products are designed to meet modern needs, prioritising safety, ease of use, and affordability ensuring customers receive top-quality products that meet their expectations. Whether you’re a homeowner, builder, tradesperson, or architect, Trio is the perfect choice for elevating spaces and enhancing your lifestyle. Count on Trio Group Australia for hardware solutions that exceed expectations.