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3 Easy Steps to Make Your Garage Look Nice

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3 easy steps to make your garage look nice

Posted on: June 9, 2015

If you are tired of your garage looking like a shabby dark corner full of unwanted clutter and broken tools, perhaps it is time to tidy up.

Maybe you want to turn it into an organised space where household items don't go to die - perhaps it is time to give it a new lease on life?

It does seem like a daunting task, the thought of which may make many DIY enthusiasts break into a cold sweat - true, it is probably not as easy as painting the deck or fixing a broken door handle. However, be assured it is not that hard and it comes with a few advantages once complete. Not only will it give you plenty of storage space, but also the satisfaction (and opportunity to boast) that comes with a job well done.

So here's a painless way to organise your garage:

Step 1: De-clutter

This is probably the hardest and most painful part of the process. This is probably the reason you have been delaying it in the first place, but today is the day to go for it - Carpe Diem as they say in Latin.

If you are looking at a big job, then hire a trailer and attach it to the back of your vehicle.

Move everything out of the garage, if you have the space - this is ideal. However, if you do not have space move everything to one side.

Now decide what needs to stay and what has to go. Broken bicycle handles and other such treasures that have no use must be thrown away - be brutal and put all useless items in boxes clearly marked 'throw away'.

Next, tackle the items that you want to donate, use the same method and add these to a box labelled "donate".

Once these boxes are ready, put them in your trailer.

Step 2: Time to DIY

Now that you have earned your right to go crazy in a home improvement store (didn't we say this is a rewarding project?), decide how you will organise your space.

There are plenty of options available, you can have wall mounted storage or buy clear plastic boxes.

To avoid the whole the project turning into an exercise in futility, categorise the items you have decided to keep and store them separately - for example store Christmas lights in a box labelled "holiday decorations".

Bonus: If you really want to reward yourself install a workshop bench.

Step 3: Clean sweep

Finally it is time to add some elbow grease to the job.

Get a sturdy broom and start sweeping. This may also be an opportunity to get the whole family involved - after all it will get the job done more quickly.

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