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Stratco has thought right through the design process for you and there is a range of rodent stoppers to close the gaps - from flashings and flooring systems to eave and ridge treatments. We have a range of weather-resistant products to close existing gaps under doors and seal ground-level joins in y

Stratco knows what it means to be individual. We’re all the same, but different. That’s why we can discuss the personality of your space and come up with a custom design. We can make that shed and, if you like, install it too. Take a moment to check out the Stratco Sheds website at stratco.com.au an

Call us single-minded but we spend a lot of time thinking about sheds. It’s the Australian way! From our unique Insulated Cooldek roof system to our trusty louvre windows for breeze and sliding windows or louvre vents for ventilation, a fix is in sight. We also have insulation available - even a ran

We’ll bet your friends and family include a few people who’d be up for a barbie-and-build day together. Stratco’s supplied in- structions are easy to follow, and we’ve got videos for budding DIY’ers too! Our website is loaded with brochures and installa- tion guides. They include exact dimensions an

You’re not the only one ... we’ve thought about this and it’s an important aspect, for your own safety. That’s why we’ve got safety mesh options available on all Stratco garages. And, next time, that mesh will stop you falling all the way through the roof! Safety mesh can be factored into the build

Stratco has smart storage options to take the stress away. From screwdriver racks to tool cabinets and rolling chests, it’s easy to get organised. There are even wall mountable magnetic strips for securing your sharp tools and blades out of reach. We have everything from stackable benchtop storage t

Stratco sheds have a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating compliance. This protects against the shed’s potential exposure to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact. The BAL rating compliance complies with Australian standards and gives you the safest shed standard on the market. Our worki

Stratco has a range of skylights, windows and lighting options that can be retro-fitted to your shed. And those options are a saviour when considered in the design of a new shed. Poor lighting puts a real dampener on your enjoyment! Polycarbonate sheeting panels let light in all day, no matter the s

There are so many options for a comfortable shed fit-out at Stratco, including the basics like insulation and wall and ceiling sheeting to help cut power costs. Then think atmospheric strip lighting, more power points for TV, fridge and pie warmer! We have portable or permanent heating and cooling i