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Bondall Bondcrete 1L


SKU: HB-0074

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About this product

Australian made since 1951, this versatile bonding and sealing agent has developed and improved for your building and renovating needs. The result is one of the strongest high solids bonding agents on the market. Our exclusive resin additive ensures maximum bonding every time. It’s so strong there is little need to hack, chip or acid etch the surface before bonding.

  • Versatile bonding and sealing agent
  • No need to hack, chip or acid etch most surfaces before bonding
  • Concentrated high solid product, providing a high dilution ratio, ensuring users get value for money
  • Exclusive resin additive ensuring maximum bonding strength
  • Ideal for: Tiling
  • Adhesive for craft work
  • Patching of most surfaces
  • Sealing Concrete
  • Rendering surfaces
  • Most Cement Applications

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