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Multifold Aluminium Ladder 3.7m


SKU: PA-7925

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About this product

The Hurricane™ 3.7m Multifold Ladder with Plank 120kg Industrial is intended to provide you with a secure and solid platform when you need work at a variety of heights. It has a lightweight aluminium construction making it easy to carry around, yet stable and secure with a 120kg load rating. It is highly versatile with up to 14 easy to fold positions, including a straight ladder position which measures 3.7m in height, a step ladder and a scaffold. This multifold ladder has auto locking hinges for added safety and is manufactured to meet AS 1892.1 standards. It is also industrial rated. Bonus powder coated platform planks for safe platform standing are included.

  • 3.7m in straight ladder position with 120kg load rating
  • Up to 14 easy to fold positions
  • Auto locking hinges
  • Industrial rated

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