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Joist Connector 90mm Bearer To 45mm Joist 48pc


SKU: TI-1863

$98.63 BX
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Unavailable in QLD.

About this product

Plastic? No – we like to refer to our Double Triple & Joist Connectors as being made from “Engineering Polymer” and is used in engineering applications throughout the world due to its strength, toughness and resilience under load. It is not your everyday plastic and will last the life of your deck. The Double Triple Connector fits 45 mm wide joists to most size bearers and the Joist Connector range comes in two sizes for 45 mm Joist to 70 mm and 90 mm wide bearers. The difference between them is the Double Triple Connector fits most size bearers and has two fixings to one side of the bearer and two fixings to the top of the bearer. The Joist Connector is fixed to both sides of the bearer and is size specific to either 70 mm or 90 mm wide bearers. Fixings to the joist is the same for both products. The range of KlevaKlip Double Triple & Joist Connectors have revolutionised the way joists are attached to bearers. An absolute must for every handyman and quickly becoming the preferred fixing method of many builders and makes the set-out and fixing off of your substructure a breeze.

  • Dramatically simplifies the set-out of your sub-structure. Set-out your joist connectors; put in your joists; give it the once-over thumbs-up; nail off. No mistakes!
  • No more split joists associated with inaccurate skew nailing
  • 4mm ventilation ridges in the joist connector base keeps joists dry and free from rot
  • All fixings are done "horizontally" meaning that water will not transverse down the nails and cause bearer rot as is the case with skew nailing
  • Much easier to use than triple grips, plus won't rust in any environment
  • Unlike triple grips, fixes and provides stability to both sides of the joists
  • Extremely strong connection - no longer is the joist/bearer interface the weakest connection in your deck
  • Fix with gun nails (easiest and quickest), manual nails or screws
  • Made from Nylon 6 Engineering Polymer - strong, tough, UV resistant - will last the lifetime of your deck
  • Can be painted without problems of paint adherence
  • Aesthetic design - looks good when the underneath of your deck or pergola is exposed
  • To attach 45mm width joist to 90mm width bearer
  • Each box contains 48 Joist Connectors

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