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Oscillot Cat Proof Fence Paddle Kit 2m


SKU: LG-16848

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About this product

The unique, unobtrusive cat containment system that can be installed to existing fences with a simple 'Do it Yourself' installation process. Oscillot consists of a series of four-bladed aluminium paddles, which are mounted along fence lines between end posts containing bearings. When a cat tries to jump and scale the fence, they place a paw on the paddle, which then spins; the cat cannot get traction and falls safely back to the ground. Oscillot is fast-becoming the first choice for cat owners in Australia, and across the world, because there are no wires, no cages and no netting, it is cat friendly, unobtrusive and can turn most fences into a cat proof fence, easily and cost effectively. Oscillot comprises of two main components, the Paddle and the Dual Knuckle Post Kit. The Paddle, made from high quality aluminium, is professionally powder-coated to ensure strength and durability. The Dual Knuckle Post Kit is made from acetal, a very durable plastic that is able to withstand weather extremes. All components that make up Oscillot are made in Australia from high quality Australian materials.

  • DIY installation
  • Designed for fitment to existing fences
  • Colour compatible with Stratco fencing
  • Kit contains 1x 2m paddle and dual knuckle post kit
  • Unobtrusive and blends aesthetically with your yard
  • 100% Australian made high quality materials
  • If you move house, you can uninstall it and take with you

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