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Leucadendron Assorted 200mm Pot

SKU: LG-27653

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About this product

Large, erect evergreen shrub growing to approximately 2m. Long bright yellow bracts form in winter and spring contrasting well against the mid-green foliage. Excellent cut flower with long vase life stems to 1m.

  • Hardy and fast growing
  • Attracts birds to your garden
  • Ideal for dried flower arrangements
  • Excellent landscape shrub
  • Suitable for pots and containers
  • Avoid disturbing sensitive surface roots
  • Only in the poorest soils use a low phosphorous, slow release fertiliser sparingly in spring or autumn
  • Remove spent flowers. Prune after flowering to maintain shape and size
  • In colder areas avoid summer or autumn pruning which would promote frost tender new growth
Technical Specifications
Planting ConditionsPlant in well-drained, slightly acidic soil in an open, sunny position. If drainage is poor, plant on a sloping bank or raised bed. Improve poor soil by digging in organic material
Watering RequirementsLow water use

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