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Continuous Overflow Fascia™


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Continuous Overflow Fascia™ delivers an outstanding roof drainage solution, maintaining the perfect gap between your fascia and gutter to prevent water flowing into the building.   Clean, simple, modern details combine with functionality in the attractive Continuous Overflow Fascia™. Ideal for use on modern and classic homes, this fascia can be ordered to suit your exact requirements. Whether you want to install it yourself or require assistance, we are here to help. Contact us for pricing and further details today.

This product is not available in QLD

Continuous Overflow Solution

Maintain the perfect roof drainage gap between gutter and fascia

The 2.75mm embossed standoffs allow water to escape through the gap between the gutter and the fascia, rather than flowing back into the building. When used with compatible Stratco gutters (see brochure Table 2.0), the Continuous Overflow Fascia™ offers a continuous overflow capacity of up to 1.0L/s/m.

Available Colours

Consistent Quality

Unlike timber, you will not experience warping, bowing, knots or cracking. Instead you will receive a consistent, trouble free and easy to maintain, steel product.

The Continuous Overflow Fascia™ has been designed and tested to comply with the relevant Australian Standards.

Simple Installation

Installing Continuous Overflow Fascia™ on a new or existing home is easy because the fascia system is compatible with normal building construction. The Continuous Fascia system uses a standard Rafter Bracket which has been specially designed for a quick construction and to eliminate damage to fascia.

Fascia Accessories

Choose from an extensive selection of pre-painted steel colours to compliment any architecture or environment. Complete your project with a range of accessories designed to compliment the fascia and to make the installation quick and hassle free.


External Mitre


90° Internal Mitre


135° Internal Mitre


Left and Right Stop End


Joining Sleeve


Rafter Bracket


Suspension Clip


Apex Cover


Left Hand Barge Mould


Right Hand Barge Mould

Material Specifications

BMT - 0.45 mm
Tensile - G300 MPa

Fascia Steel Fascia Continuous Profile

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