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Gutters and Accessories

Complete your roof with quality gutters from Stratco.

The Finishing Touch

Choose from a wide range of colours and a huge range of guttering profiles to compliment any architectural style from modern homes to heritage buildings.

Stratco Gutters are designed to minimise the risk from serious water damage to the building, making Stratco Guttering a wise investment. Some gutters are available with slots in the front to reduce the risk of water overflowing at the back.

More than just functional, Stratco Gutters are stylish, and designed to form a neat finish to the edge of both domestic and commercial roofing.

Choosing Gutters

Invest in Quality Guttering

Manufactured from high quality, corrosion resistant, zinc/al coated steel. Stratco gutters are available un-painted, or with a durable external grade colour paint finish that will resist chipping and cracking for years to come, making Stratco Gutters a lasting investment.

Guttering Accessories

Everything you need to complete your guttering project is available at Stratco including gutter mitres, gutter angles, gutter brackets, gutter clips, stop ends, gutter mesh, downpipes, outlets, rainheads, sumps and fascia.

Gutters Guttering Gutter Accessories

Easy Installation

Gutters Guttering Gutter Contour Clickfast Fascia Clip

Almost all Stratco Gutters feature the ingenious 'hook fold' suspension rib on the back of the gutter. This enables the gutters to be fixed quickly and securely to Stratco Contour and Clickfast Fascia with the Stratco suspension clip. This system has received an Australian Classic Design Award. When fixing to timber fascia, the suspension rib can also be used with timber fix clips.

Stratco gutters are strong, yet lightweight making them easy to handle. Pre-manufactured gutter mitres and gutter angles for many guttering profiles reduce the need for creating mitres on-site, therefore simplifying the installation.

Note: There is detailed government legislation regarding the design, installation and maintenance of guttering. Please see the button links below and read the 'NSW Fair Trading Advice on Roof Drainage Systems' for more information.