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Maximise Your Apartment's Storage Space: Over Bonnet Storage Locker

Jan 26 2023
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Stratco has introduced a new product to its storage solutions range with the Over Bonnet Storage Locker. This storage locker is a new storage solution, focused on utilizing space that we often never see used in garages or carparks. If you’ve been looking for apartment storage ideas, then look no further. 

The Over Bonnet Storage Locker is conveniently designed to be the same width as standard carpark spaces. This means if you’re an owner or occupier of an apartment, unit, or townhouse with limited storage space – you can now take advantage of an area that would otherwise be empty above your car. This apartment storage solution makes the most of wasted space. 

No more clogging your apartment with camping gear, tools, or other valuables you don’t need every day. Just lock them away above your car for when you need them. With a 400kg max load rating, nearly 2 cubic meters worth of secure and waterproof storage space, and an adjustable height from 1000mm to 1500mm, this storage locker can accommodate everyone’s needs.

The Over Bonnet Storage Locker unit's quality steel construction provides additional strength and weight capacity, giving it it's 400kg max load rating. The gas struts on either side of the storage lockers door ensure it opens and closes with minimal effort, eliminating the risk of injury.

Whether you have a small hatchback or a larger 4x4, just measure the height of your bonnet from the ground up and adjust the height of the storage locker with its telescopic legs accordingly to make sure you can tuck your bonnet underneath without touching it.  


You can optionally anchor the Over Bonnet Storage Locker to the ground with provided M10 masonry bolts. This will mitigate the chance of damage to nearby cars, buildings, or people in the event of a collision with a car or due to loads inside the storage locker falling.  

When it comes to inner-city living storage, everyone is constantly looking for new ways to store their belongings. What is better than utilising space in your carpark... space that would otherwise go unutilised? The Over Bonnet Storage Locker has been designed to ensure that your car and the locker fit within the boundaries of the carpark. Just ensure that it is a safe distance from any fire extinguishers/sprinklers in the garage. This space-optimising storage solution is sure to make your neighbours and other apartment tenants green with envy

Stratco's Over Bonnet Storage Locker includes optional shelves and dividers that can be used to organise your storage locker however you see fit. Need to fit some large camping gear? No problem. Want to create multiple sections to utilise your carpark storage space even more efficiently? You can do this too!

The Stratco Over Bonnet Storage Locker is the lockable storage solution for any garage or apartment owner looking to utilize all the space at their disposal.

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Stratco's Over Bonnet Storage Locker Design Features:

  • 5 Year finish warranty
  • 400KG load rating
  • Storage compartment is lockable
  • Storage compartment Dimensions: 910mm deep X 2270mm wide X 950mm high
  • Overall Assembled Dimensions: 940mm deep X 2280mm wide X 2000mm-2500mm high (height is adjustable in 100mm increments, 6 height settings)
  • Adjustable height above ground 1000mm to 1500mm
  • Comes with shelves and dividers to organise your storage space
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Galvanised steel finish
  • Designed to fit within standard car park space widths
  • Nearing 2 cubic metres of storage capacity
  • Hinged front door opens upwards with gas struts same as a hatch-back car
  • Great for apartment carpark
  • Designed for DIY assembly with two people


Checkout our HowTo assembly guide for the Stratco Over Bonnet Storage Locker