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Shed Shock #9 Climate Control

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And the neighbours complain about your holey underwear

I love my shed but, no matter what season, it’s either too hot or too cold in there! And I can’t walk around there in just my underwear - the neighbours complain and there are some occupational hazards.


Call us single-minded but we spend a lot of time thinking about sheds. It’s the Australian way! From our unique Insulated Cooldek roof system to our trusty louvre windows for breeze and sliding windows or louvre vents for ventilation, a fix is in sight. We also have insulation available - even a range of shed air-conditioning and floor treatments and mats, if you’d like. Translucent sheeting also offers a simple form of light and heat. Then there are roof ventilators including the trademarked Exhale Vent Ridge, flu caps and casings. Enough solutions to make your shed more like your home!

Things to think about:

  • Stratflo louvre vents
  • Attractive gable vents
  • Electric two-door realistic fireplace heater
  • Spinaway turbo ventilators, or whirly birds
  • Window tinting
  • Insulation and roof/wall linings
  • Retrofitted roof Ventridge
  • Louvre windows for airflow
  • Portable fan heater
  • Compact split-system air conditioner


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