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Thinking of Refurbishing Your Deck?


Thinking of refurbishing your deck?

Posted on: February 8, 2016

Here are three simple ways to update your deck for summer barbecues without having to worry about impacting the safety of the structure.

In many parts of Australia, outdoor entertaining is a popular part of life. Our homes are designed to reflect this, with many houses having a deck that helps create that indoor-outdoor flow.

Decks make for perfect entertaining areas, however they do require maintenance and of course, when doing any home renovation, safety should always come first.

Safety considerations

The NSW government reminds residents in its report, Deck and balcony safety: A practical maintenance and safety guide for your home, of the importance of safety considerations. It notes certain factors that can affect the durability of a deck, including:

  • Insects, such as termites, can weaken timber decks.
  • Exposure to moisture, whether from plants, a spa or other sources of water, can lead to water rot.
  • Is your deck placed near the coast? Corrosion can affect even steel structures and fixings, such as bolts.
  • Any extra weight may not have been considered in the original design and an overload can result in a deck collapsing.

As such, before adding extra features to your deck, ensure you are not affecting the safety of the structure.

How to give your deck an easy makeover

Here are three simple ways to improve your deck so you can get the most out of your backyard during those long summer evenings.

1) Give it a good clean

This may seem obvious but giving your deck a good scrub can make it look brand new. A fresh coat of paint or varnish can truly transform any timber, without having to worry about extensive outdoor renovations. Summer is the perfect time to do this, with the paint drying much faster in the heat.

2) Update the furniture

Nowadays, there is a wide range of outdoor furniture available. So why not go for something different? Try something new and creative, especially during the months when you and your family are more likely to use your deck.

A popular option is a large stone table, perfect for a barbecue or even a nice family dinner outside. Of course, ensure that your deck can sustain the extra weight first before adding furniture that is made of heavy material.

3) Large plants

Why not make the most of being outside? Tall ornamental grasses add that touch of nature while being easy to maintain and go with almost all kinds of decor. Of course, planter boxes achieve a similar effect and can include any flowering plants that match your patio.

Home improvement doesn't need to turn into a huge task, but can still transform how you see your outdoor space. Drop by your local Stratco with any questions on your latest DIY project; the team is always happy to help.