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Pro Plugs® System Deck Plugs For Trex® Decking Depth Setter


SKU: TI-1866

$43.74 EA
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Unavailable in QLD.

About this product

Pro Plug® System for Trex® Composite Decking is a superior and easy to install plug fastening system. The system is available for all Trex® Composite Decking Board colours.

  • Auto-Stop™ mechanism once target depth is reached, the Auto-Stop™ mechanism inside the tool disengages the driver bit and stops the screw from driving further, preventing the screw recess from stripping.
  • Free spinning stop collar is fitted with a rubber O-ring to prevent damage to the work surface .
  • Special bits for deck and trim applications driver bits used with the PVC/Composite Tool are replaceable. There are two types of driver bits: DECK bits and TRIM bits, each optimized for their specific application. Both PVC Tool packages and PVC Deck/Trim Kits include spare bits

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