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Shed Shock #2 Security

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This is not what you had in mind when it came to making a home movie

Having your shed broken into and tools stolen! Neglected shed security - it’ll leave you panicking in your sleep!


Garden sheds can be designed with security first, from locking handles and double-skinned doors to Stratco’s strong smart span cladding profile, even automated lighting and back-up alarms. Garage sheds include a choice of security doors, panel-lift doors to sliding and roller doors, locking windows, your choice of cladding gauge and features you may not have thought about, such as security mesh for windows and tough polycarbonate translucent sheeting as skylights. Your new shed can be conveniently designed to ease the burden when you’re not home; think everything from automatic lighting to movement sensors and alarm systems. We’ve got your security covered.

Things to think about:

  • Door security has locks and padlocks
  • Window key locks and mesh screens
  • Remote control motion sensor alarm
  • Motion sensing lights
  • Dyna bolts to secure shed to slab
  • Roof secured to framework with metal straps and screws
  • Skylights secured with mesh
  • Mini wireless alarm
  • Camera system with in-house monitor
  • Rechargeable security light


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