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Building & Hardware

Stratco has over 600 Building and Hardware products to assist you in building your dream outdoor or indoor space.

Timber Framing

Stratco provide Timber Framing solutions for a large range of building projects. Stratco Timber Framing is offered in a variety of styles and profiles, and is an affordable, cost-effective solution for your home easily installed using common woodwork tools and materials. A benefit for Timber Framing is its resistance to rust therefore acting as a long-term solution. Stratco can supply Timber to be used for framing and decking, along with Treated Pine Stair Kits which are a simple DIY solution.

An alternative option is Stratco’s range of Steel Framing. Stratco offer quality and precision engineered products designed to meet strict standards of strength and durability. Offering bridging, purlins or commercial building solutions which can be ordered to suit your exact requirements for both commercial and residential applications.

To learn more about the benefits of Steel Framing and Timber Framing you can view our ‘Steel VS Timber Framing’ blog.

For all your Timber Framing needs, contact us today.